Snore Guards


Snoring is a common condition that effects around a third of the population and can cause serious problems for sufferers and their partners. It can have a huge impact on sleep quality, which can lead to problems such as fatigue, lack of energy, accidents, increased stress levels and reduced productivity.

Snoring occurs because the airways of the head and neck relax while you sleep and as this alters the air pressure, it can lead to vibrations of the soft palate and other oral tissues. Factors that increase the likelihood of snoring include obesity, being older, drinking alcohol, smoking, allergies, and having a cold.

If lifestyle changes don’t help, we can provide custom-made anti-snoring devices to alter the position of the jaw and prevent narrowing of the airways.

When the walls of the throat collapse and cause a blockage of the airway for ten seconds or more, it is known as sleep apnoea. Anti-snoring devices may help mild forms of this condition by maintaining an open airway.

Why have an anti-snoring appliance?

What is involved in having an appliance made?


Ensure your device stays bacteria-free by brushing it regularly and soaking it in a denture cleaning solution.

Keep the device in a suitable container when not in use.

Anti-snoring devices will need to be adjusted at regular intervals to ensure they remain effective.