Laser Dentistry


What is laser treatment?

The biolase uses light energy and water. This allows treatment of teeth without the noise and pain of a drill. The laser can be used for fillings, cleaning gums, sterilizing after having a tooth extracted, and muscle/jaw joint problems. The biolase is also used for Laser tooth whitening.

What will my dentist do?

For a laser filling:

  1. Numb the area if required. (Can be done using “The Wand” painless injection)
  2. Carry out tooth preparation using the Biolase
  3. Place filling

What are the benefits?

Laser technology is the most exciting area of dentistry today. We can treat a wide verity of conditions in a new and improved way that minimise the use of the conventional drill. In many cases there is no need for injections and treatment can be carried out more comfortably without the high pitched noise or vibrations of the conventional drill.In our experience we have found the filling materials bond better when prepared with a laser, giving a longer lasting restoration.

According to our patients laser assisted bleaching is one of our most satisfying treatments, results are dramatic giving whiter and brighter teeth even if you have tried other methods of tooth whitening.

Lasers are used for the treatment of periodontal disease ranging from gingivitis to serious periodontist. Treatment consists of ultrasonic scaling and removal of calculus followed by sub gingival sterilisation to promote healing. We have found in our experience patients reporting firmer teeth and healthier gums, the foundation of good teeth. Laser assisted periodontal treatment is by its nature provided in a more sterile environment that can lead to less post-operative sensitivity and faster healing rate. We have successfully treated tooth sensitivity with our lasers.

Examples of laser use in our practice

Tooth whitening, gum treatment, reduction of sensitivity, gum surgery, root treatment, cavity preparation and many more uses.

Advantages of Laser