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What are they?

An implant is like a screw which is placed inside the jaw. This acts as an anchor to support a crown, bridge or dentures more firmly.

What will my dentist do?

A full implant consultation is required to tailor the treatment for you. Please ask your dentist about this.

What are the benefits?

We use Straumann implants to restore your smile

Straumann provide world leading implant and tooth replacement solutions. This innovative implant system offers a range of implant options to perfectly suit your needs. We will discuss your options and find the best treatment for you using the highest quality implant system.

Before and Afters

Example x-ray images for 2D OPG and examples of 3D xrays for safe digital implant planning

Sl 3d 300x205Orthophos SL 3D xray machine

Safe – 3D xrays make implants safer with virtual implant planning

Fast – no need to refer for OPG or 3D CT scans

Accuracy – highly accurate xrays and 3D images

The integrated Direct Conversion Sensor (DCS) completely redefines the standard of panorama imaging – delivering unique sharpness. The namesake, the Sharp Layer technology, provides autofocused panoramic images, even in difficult cases. The Orthophos SL guarantees maximum ease of use through automatic positioning, intuitive operation with the EasyPad and offers an individually adjustable ambient light for an exclusive look and feel.